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Milestone in the migration. "When they chased those who disbelieve, both of them.When they were in the cave. When he said to his attendant, "Do not be afraid, God is with us'.He sent down tranquility on them and the army that they do not see it.He made ​​the unbelievers the lowest resolution. Top Word of God. Allah is Mighty, Wise. " (At-Tawbah). Photo: In front of the Cave Thaur, the hill Jabal Thaur. Here the transition (turning point) phase of the degraded's preaching to the greatness of Islam in the press to the word Kafir bottom, top with the Word of God and the establishment of a successful migration of Muslims in Medina. LiLlahil Hamd wa Allahu Akbar!
Once again, even every great event every year reminds Muslims of patience finally fighting a victory by Allah. Assuming that the Messenger of women want, in wealth and rank alone in his fight, then his wife Khadijah, may Allah is a beautiful wealthy yet personable. He's also is a descendant of the nobles of Quraish, the tribe level, the Banu Hashim. It is enough, and do not need slandered and persecuted until the end had turned away from all the memories in Mecca. This is a reminder for those who are not sincere in the struggle, that women, popularity and wealth is not necessarily hidden nest in the liver. If there is even a little, remove immediately before we removed from the Preachers real Saff by Allah and by our own behavior.
People understand that fact and AH are the responsibility of teaching and our common Duat. Pics: Jabal Thaur behind the hill. At the top there teratasnya Thaur Cave. Cave referred to God in the Quran and given Him a role in the success of the historic migration.
The opportunities are open longer. If the opportunity comes, it may never return. When the Islamic Da'wah in Makkah frozen after the death of Khadijah ra, who often provide the impetus and the death of Abu Talib, who with his political position in Mecca, provide multiple pathways for Da'wah runs, the Messenger of Da'wah site to find other places. Almost every tent in Mina during the Hajj season, entered by the Holy Prophet, offered himself to go to their country, in order to get the site and spreading Da'wah from the site or the state. Messenger, offers himself and out of each tent only takes a moment, but a long history of impact to the Day of Judgement. It is a pity all of them refused. When at Aqabah, 6 Ansar Allah's accepting the offer, Medina became the base and the center of the Islamic world. To this day many people even more, visit the Medina. As for the other states that reject the offer of the Prophet's day, their country today is hardly mentioned people. That's what we take Da'wah today, if there is to receive and participate, then Welcome, we will jointly create a new history for this oppressed religion in the days now. For those who still hesitate to join and, God willing we believe will be participating in tomorrow and do not miss the opportunity Hidayah, time, intelligence and spirit of God given to us in our day. If we are unwilling, coaches army of God will continue to move slide to its destination without waiting for those who have and continue to hesitate hesitation.
"Those who follow this Da'wah from now, then he has won have Seniority. Anyone who sincerely, but still hesitate on this day, he will be with this Da'wah day tomorrow.Those seniors have the edge over the juniors. Those who avoid this Da'wah, for weak souls or laugh or belittle or upset to prevail, then the days ahead will prove how great the mistake. He will throw on the faults of this Da'wah truth, then you find faults will disappear. Come to us, O those who believe in the sincerity and hard work. The streets here. "And indeed the Straight Way, then you follow it. Do not follow the roads (other), you'll not be divided from His Path. He bequeathed us so that you fear "(the Quran)." [Hasan Al-Banna]
Photo: At Aqabah, the Prophet's Mina met six times perama with Ansar. The next two years there Bai'ah Aqabah II (in the mosque behind the yellow) which led to the migration of the historic and glorious.
A wave of migration is after the signing of the MoU between the Prophet represents Ansar Migrants and 75 represent the Muslims in Medina. Events Bai'ah Aqabah II of this mysterious place in the area known today Bai'ah Mosque. 73 men and 2 women, Nusaibah bint Ka'b and Asmak bint Amr promised to deal with the Great Powers of the World, Rome and Persia, in order to defend the sovereignty of the Prophet and Islam in Medina. Rewards for them is heaven alone without any of the favors of the world. The Ansar were worried after they struggled to win Allah's help, after defeating the Quraysh, the Prophet would leave them and return to Mecca, his hometown. In other words, they are just a stepping stone into the political aspirations of the Prophet alone for a while. The Prophet replied, "Al-Dam Dam Balid, wal Hadamul digested ..." (In fact, we both wound and perish. I fight those who fight you. I make peace with those who make peace with you, O Ansar! ". That is the life and death Prophet is along the Ansar. Ten years later, in the Year 9H, after the capture of Mecca, won the Battle of Hunayn, and have a lot of booty, the Prophet present them to the Muallaf Mecca to the finish, all the thousands of camels, cows and goats up none of the left to the Ansar. Among the Ansar Allah's saying sounds just give the village alone, and takda to the Medina. He's called the Ansar and the preaching meant, "Do not you stray past, today God give guidance?." Yes, O Messenger! , "they said." Did you first enemy, today you all brothers? "." Yes, O Messenger! ", answer them again. "Do you like the other tribes led camels, cows, goats etc. kekampung behind them, but you, O Ansar brought me back to Medina, the Messenger of Allah. ' Ansar realized the fact that they do not know. Blessings to take home a messenger of Allah, guide them to the hereafter and blessings larger value of take home thousands of camels, cows and goats. brothers Ansar wept there is also because the world is forgetting them, and in fact larger. Crying because of Allah's their preferred them to the hereafter. "We are pleased with the way the division made ​​by the Prophet!", said Ansar. More than ten years ago they and Allah's seal Bai'ah Aqabah II, the day the two sides are still strong with the agreement of (1) Remuneration of Heaven and the world no favors, and (2) Allah's will continue to live in Medina and did not make Medina as a springboard merely temporary. The fact, that fact must be understood and firmly embedded in the heart of the Duat and gentlemen, if he wanted to fight for true Islam, then that's Akhawatnya Dear and true friends in the fight to the end of his life, and not a stepping stone while he pursue his political ambitions when quite see where the space and opportunity to rise, he left the Dear Akhawatnya with different argument and reason. Forget promises, loyalty, originality manhaj, brotherhood fikrah authentic, good jamaiyy, Tarbiyah and the like. It leaves a lot of migration guided along the road.
Pics: Jabal Thaur hilltop, located Thaur Cave, where the Prophet and his companion, Abu Bakr. Get a true friend in the struggle is one of the blessings in life. This is one for almost 30 years of teaching me in this Da'wah Road. But it is something that is rarely achieved. Why do they have ditarbiyah educate others to appreciate the meaning of People True, but a lot happens, the behavior of many politicians often identify some of the party system Preachers Islamic movements until they were equal to the beat of cutover cut and stabbed stabbed from the back and front.
After going through this Da'wah Road nearly 30 years, while the profit and importance of having a life partner or true wife, a real struggle friends also give the encouragement and the great success. Conversely if the moving mass see brotherhood and determination, but the fact you are alone, they retard the good and prevent the blessings and success. Once among the earliest believers, attract more people to embrace Islam and allow the events of Isra Mi'raj is not affordable by the common man, Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, may Allah Prophet asked permission to emigrate.The Prophet asked him wait with saying means, "May God hold you a friend (in AH)."indescribable happy I, Abu Bakr set up two pieces of vehicles and the migration to the Prophet himself. Historic moment of AH Messenger designed with the most loyal companions. They are also common both in the Cave Thaur. This fact is not only confirmed by the history, but God is recorded to the Day of Judgement, saying, "... When the two of them in the cave. When he said to his companion, 'Do not be afraid, God is with us'. " (At-Tawbah) So the fact that both the struggle and friends, friends, and we, are not Alone, a chameleon and me!! Muslim pilgrims who fought for the true Islam should observe this fact. It must be free of sojourning in the game of political parties and party system un-Islamic bodies are often found stab-stab from the back row among its leadership, then spread to the bottom among the members as well. Finally, do not cause any, was not successful. Even if win, victory is not a true form of Islam.
Thaniyatil Wadak Hill, high ground at the entrance to Medina, where the people of Medina welcomed the Prophet and Abu Bakr during Hijra. The combination of the faith are initiated and co-create the glory of Islamic civilization unparalleled before and after their generation. "Ye are the best ever produced for mankind. You call to kindness. You prevent wrong .. " (Ali Imran).
The fact of the struggle and Street Da'wah shown by the many moments in the AH.Enough that we see only a few seconds in the post this time. Importantly, even a little, Allah gave us the Truth so that we can observe in the struggle. "Anyone who is not God's light, then he hath no light (guidance for practice" (the Koran).
Happy New Year AH.

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